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Badminton Coach - job post

Star Academies
3.8 out of 5
AED4,000 a month
Responded to 75% or more applications in the past 30 days, typically within 1 day.

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  • AED4,000 a month

Job type

  • Full-time



Full job description

Collaborate with the manager and administration to ensure targeted interventions based on data analysis, aiming to enhance the learning outcomes of all students within the volleyball academy.

Provide expertise and support as an instructional leader to influence differentiation approaches during year-level sessions, fostering collaboration, co-teaching, and staff capacity-building.

Monitor the progress of referred students, those at-risk or requiring special attention, including students with special needs.

Work with the manager to establish strategic direction and processes for the entire academy's intervention, including assistant coaches' involvement.

Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills to effectively engage with various key stakeholders across the star Badminton Academy.

Develop and implement plans, conduct meetings with coaches, and occasionally communicate with parents through phone calls or in-person meetings to foster player development.


Take attendance of players at each session.

Communicate important messages to players on a daily basis.

Assess the skill level of players and make appropriate adjustments to their groups with the guidance of the manager.

Follow the daily routine for coaches. Review the lesson plan.

Check on the well-being of the players.

Ensure all students, particularly those in teams, have up-to-date photos or photo IDs.

If needed, contact parents directly to request photo uploads, providing them with usernames, passwords, and instructions. Alternatively, take photos of the kids yourself at the end of the class.

Follow up with absent players.

Regularly update parents about their child's progress using the academy's communication system.

Utilize follow-up reports, tryout reports, and reports on players leaving the academy.

Engage with parents on various topics, including

Providing feedback on player improvement during training and behavior.

Addressing issues of consistent lateness to classes.

Encouraging additional enrollment days.

Advising parents to change registration days to better suit their child's needs and abilities.

Motivating players to participate in competition events.

Ensuring players have appropriate uniforms.

Duties On the Court:

Arrive 30 minutes before each session to take attendance using the mobile system provided.

Coordinate with the designated coach responsible for health and safety to ensure proper reporting of any venue-related concerns.

Conduct equipment inventory at the end of each day.

Assist new kids attending tryout sessions by coordinating with the administration and communicating with parents to determine the best days and times suitable for the child.

Ensure all children have been picked up after each session, following the established pickup procedure for each venue.

Maintain awareness of the session's progress and identify the need for additional participants.

Coaching Expectations:

Before Each Session:

  • Wear the coaching academy uniform.
  • Keep the mobile phone stored in bags during the session.
  • Ensure all necessary equipment (balls, nets, etc.) is prepared and ready for the class.
  • Familiarize yourself with the session plan, clarifying any uncertainties with the head coach.


  • Spectator Sports

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Job Type: Full-time

Pay: Up to AED4,000.00 per month

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