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About DP World

At DP World we have a heritage to be proud of, growing from a local port operator to a global trade enabler. From our beginnings in 1972 at Port Rashid in Dubai (UAE), we now have a team of over 50,000 people working at 150 operations around the world.Our operations include ports and terminals, but also industrial parks, logistics and economic zones, – 
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Our Principles

Our Principles define the fundamental pillars to DP World’s ongoing success; they define what we do and who we are. They are as much about our actions as our attitude, creating a common culture will help to build our entire ‘brand promise' – how we present ourselves to the outside world and how we are perceived.  Creates Growth We create growth by seeing what’s possible, especially when others don’t. We are constantly searching for the next and the new, and are not satisfied with ‘enough.’ There is always a better way, a faster or more profitable way. Drives Results We make things happen, often in the mist of adversity. Ideas on their own are not enough. When faced with obstacles, we find ways to deliver. The key is to focus on the result and not to get lost in the ‘how.’ We find ways! Adapts & Evolves While finding solutions, we focus on how we can make something happen. We’re not confined by the past. We adapt and evolve to create the future. Makes Others Excel We create an environment where others succeed. We help people to improve, helping them to achieve more. This extends to our customers as well as our colleagues. By staying outside the comfort zone, learning and growth is part of everyday life at DP World. Part of helping people improve is valuing their time. It is our precious resource.

About Us

OUR PURPOSE Our purpose is to make the world flow and change what’s possible for everyone. We aim to achieve this with fast, sustainable movement of products through a single platform for trade. This is our north star. It guides every decision we make and allows us to make a meaningful difference to the world. Whatever we do, wherever we do it, it all leads here. OUR IDENTITY Our visual identity is centered around the concept of flow - the seamless movement of what the world needs to where it is needed across our wide range of services. It signals change, modernity and a sense of the dynamism that inspires DP World. We have evolved dramatically over the years from a local port operator to a global logistics provider. Our new logo is the most visible sign of this evolution, combining heritage and our future in a continuous global flow. OUR BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION The transformation of our brand brings global consistency and coherence to the diverse businesses and products that now comprise our services. These are the building-blocks that will enable us to become a global brand, providing a clear and compelling picture of who we are, what we do and where we are going. Representing the connectedness of one unified home for every service we provide, bound by a shared identity and purpose. OUR SONIC IDENTITY Our new sonic identity encapsulates our dynamic investment in technology to create values and opportunities for all as we seek to lead the future of global trade.

Grow With Us

As a global business we have many assets, but none more important than our people. With over 56,000 employees worldwide, we are committed to ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to perform at the highest level. And by investing in our people, we can shape their career progression so they benefit personally and professionally, and DP World benefits too. This constant desire to enable our people is supported by our in-house learning and development arm – the DP World Hub – which offers a vast array of learning opportunities, from online modules to tailored, face-to-face programmes delivered by resident experts. The institute collaborates with leading international business schools, universities and professional bodies to create quality development that is relevant and focused. Employees’ learning and development need are constantly assessed, with opportunities and goals identified as part of the annual performance review process.
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