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Site engineer salary in Al Quoz

How much does a Site Engineer make in Al Quoz?

Average base salary

AED 4,459
as national average

The average salary for a site engineer is AED 4,459 per month in Al Quoz. 8 salaries reported, updated at 7 February 2024

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Job openings in Al Quoz

Interiors and Joinery
Al Quoz
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4 days ago
Fidus Medical Supplies Trading LLC
Al Quoz
2 weeks ago
Muhammad Yousaf Decor LLC
Al Quoz
AED4,000 a month
2 months ago
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Top companies for Site Engineers in Al Quoz

  1. Fixperts Contracting
    21 reviews6 salaries reported
    AED 6,809per month
  2. AED 6,374per month
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Highest paying cities for Site Engineers near Al Quoz

  1. Dubai Silicon Oasis
    AED 6,376 per month
    5 salaries reported
  2. Abu Dhabi
    AED 5,319 per month
    137 salaries reported
  3. Jebel Ali
    AED 4,757 per month
    14 salaries reported
  1. Dubai
    AED 4,616 per month
    542 salaries reported
  2. Ras al-Khaimah
    AED 4,565 per month
    10 salaries reported
  3. Al Quoz
    AED 4,459 per month
    8 salaries reported
  1. Dubai Healthcare City
    AED 4,419 per month
    26 salaries reported
  2. Umm al-Quwain City
    AED 4,210 per month
    8 salaries reported
  3. Abu Hail
    AED 4,135 per month
    5 salaries reported
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Where can a Site Engineer earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Al Quoz?

Project Engineer

100 job openings

Average AED 7,214 per month

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